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Welcome to CellMosaic

CellMosaic Inc. is a private biotech company specializing in conjugation. Over the last five years, CellMosaic has developed its advanced conjugation process to achieve single or near homogeneous conjugates and used these processes to help numerous customers in need of high quality conjugates for drug development, diagnostics, or basic research tools. CellMosaic is also committed to developing new target-specific conjugate-based drugs and improving the overall pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics profiles of existing drugs using its proprietary super-hydrophilic, mono-dispersed, and multiple functional AqT™ linkers and polymers along with single or site-specific labeling technologies.


drug bioconjugates Drug bioconjugates Drug Bioconjugates: CellMosaic offers a complete bioconjugation based drug discovery and development program for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.... Read more >>>




diagnostic bioconjugates Diagnostic bioconjugates Diagnostic Bioconjugates: CellMosaic offers research and process development services for diagnostic or medical imaging companies interested in developing highly specific diagnostic bioconjugates.... Read more >>> 



Overview of products and services research bioconjugates Products & Services : With the advancement of science and technology, scientists are increasingly using products and tools derived from the interface of chemistry and biology, particularly from the bioconjugation field... Read more >>>



AqT molecules technologies AqueaTether™ (AqT™)Technologies: CellMosaic is developing best-in-class drug conjugates using its proprietary AqT™molecules and advanced conjugation processes.... Read more >>>