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To meet our customers' individual requirement for bioconjugation, CellMosaic recently developed a product line, called Personalized™ Bioconjugation Kit (PerKit™). PerKit™ uses our advanced conjugation processes that have been developed and optimized over the years. Most of the linkers/spacers and the conjugation chemistry used for PerKit™ have been validated in similar conjugates made via Custom Bioconjugation Services. For more information regarding our processes, please go to our Advanced Conjugation Processes page.


Each molecule is unique, a bioconjugation process that works for one molecule may not work for another. PerKits™ are tailored for each class of molecule and are designed to help our customers do the bioconjugation by themselves with confidence. Some of the PerKits™ are made to order and may need the input from our customers when placing the order. In some cases, customers can request a PerKit™ sheet containing calculation, chemical structure, MW of customer's final conjugate, and recommendation for the conjugation if there is some special feature of the molecule. CellMosaic also provides additional supporting services to customer who need help with analysis.

Any project that is beyond the scope of PerKit™ configuration can be done through CellMosaic's Custom Bioconjugation Service.

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