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Solid Support

CellMosaic immobilizes biopolymers or small molecules on a solid support, such as agarose, dextran gels, glass beads/plates, and resins/beads bearing amine, carboxyl, hydroxyl, aminooxy, hydrazine, thiol, keto, or aldehyde functional groups. At CellMosaic, we carry products with agarose-immobilized small molecules or biopolymers, please click here to check some of our products.  If there is any product you would like us to put on the shelf, please let us know.

CellMosaic also has Personalized Conjugation Kits (PerKit™) for immobilization on agarose, please click here to learn our PerKit™ immobilization kits. 

For large scale or project beyond the scope of PerKit™ configuration, please contact us for a quote.

There are no products listed under this category.