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AqT® Assay Plates

Enzymes/antibodies/proteins (biopolymers) immobilized on assay plates via covalent linkage generally have decreased activity and stability compared to the soluble biopolymers. Most of these plates are polystyrene or polyethylene-based, which are very hydrophobic. Hydrophobic surfaces not only cause high background noise due to nonspecific binding of proteins, but also destabilize the immobilized proteins. CellMosaic is developing AqT® assay plates coated with AqT® linkers to increase the hydrophilicity and biocompatibility of the plates. Biopolymers will also be immobilized onto the plates via AqT® linkers. The end results are long shelf life, high loading, and increased signals for AqT® assay plates. CellMosaic is developing AqT® assay plates that are either pre-coated with assay molecules or to be coated by our customers. If you are interested in co-developing AqT® assay plates, please let us know. 

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