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Custom Bioconjugation

We help our customers with "off the shelf" conjugation products using our advanced conjugation processes. We have all of the resources and expertise needed to fulfill such tasks, from small molecule synthesis to big molecule modification and conjugation, purification, analysis, and testing. We take care of the entire work flow, from molecular design to manufacturing. Our expertise covers a wide range of small molecules and biopolymers. In a typical custom conjugation service, customers specify what kinds of molecules (either commercial or their own molecules) are to be conjugated. CellMosaic will design the molecule using commercial linkers, and then use our process to make the conjugate and supply it to the customer.

Features and Benefits of our services:

  • Wide range: We offer a complete solution for biologists by sourcing (internally or externally) all raw materials and assembling the final product.
  • Flexibility in conjugation chemistry: CellMosaic strategically designs its conjugation chemistry around the targeted biopolymer's properties and the customer's intended use. CellMosaic generates the bioconjugate that best meets the customer's downstream research requirements.
  • Quality: CellMosaic provides high quality services. We provide all of the necessary analytical data to facilitate the customer’s understanding of the product.