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ADC and ODC Analysis

A fully characterized ADC is a key to understanding the therapeutic effect of an ADC. CellMosaic uses a variety of ways to analyze ADC. The following table provides suggestions for DAR analysis using CellMosaic's ADC kit. CellMosaic also provides ancillary bioanalytical and purification services, and assay reagents/kits for our customers to use our ADC kits.

ADC Summary with DAR Analysis Suggestions (download pdf file)

Name of ADC Kit Part Number

Suggested Antibody



Labeling Chemistry (Linkage property)

Recommended Analysis for DAR Determination

UV Abs Ratio

ADC Control Kit with VC-PAB Linker  CM11429

IgG type None Alkyl-VC-PAB

Reduced thiol (Releasable Linker)

Antibody Mertansine (DM1) Conjugation Kit  CM11410

IgG type Mertansine (DM1) SMCC

Surface Amine (Stable Linker)


Antibody Doxorubicin Conjugation Kit  CM11406

IgG type Doxorubicin  Alkyl

Surface Amine (Stable Linker)


Antibody Methotrexate Conjugation Kit  CM11407

IgG type Methotrexate  Alkyl

Surface amine (Stable Linker)


Antibody MMAE Conjugation Kit (With VC-PAB Linkage)  CM11409

IgG type MMAE Alkyl-VC-PAB

Reduced thiol (Releasable Linker)


Antibody Mc-MMAF Conjugation Kit CM11422

IgG type MMAF Alkyl

Reduced thiol (Stable Linker)


Antibody MMAF Conjugation Kit (With VC-PAB Linker) CM11425

IgG type MMAF Alkyl-VC-PAB

Reduced thiol (Releasable Linker)


Antibody SN38 Conjugation Kit CM11408

IgG type SN38 Alkyl

Surface amine (Releasable Linker)


F(ab')2 MMAE Conjugation Kit (With VC-PAB Linkage) CM11416

F(ab')2  MMAE Alkyl-VC-PAB

Reduced thiol (Releasable Linker)


F(ab')2 Mertansine (DM1) Conjugation Kit CM11419

F(ab')2  Mertansine (DM1) SMCC

Surface amine (Stable Linker)

Recommended            Result may vary or limited information            Not recommended    

Note: The above recommendations are only for DAR determination. However, it is advised to perform all of the above analysis to fully characterize the ADC.