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One of the key elements of bioconjugation is knowing the characteristics of the biopolymers you are dealing with and quantifying their functional groups. For example, if a Cys is involved in a bioconjugation reaction, it is good practice to determine how much reactive Cys is in the biopolymers. Free thiols are easily oxidized in air. In another example, if a drug is conjugated to the protein through a surface amine, by quantifying the free amine groups prior to the conjugation reaction and after the conjugation reaction, you can determine the drug loading.

Typical examples of bioassays we do:

arrowsmTNBS assay for amine: Standard colorimetric assay for NH2 quantification according to Snyder and Sobocinsky.

arrowsmEllman’s assay for thiol: Standard colorimetric assay for SH quantification based on Ellman’s assay

.Ellman's assay

arrowsmBiotinylation determination: Estimation of protein biotinylation level using the HABA method.

arrowsmBCA protein assay: For protein quantification.

arrowsmIndirect Ellman’s assay: Standard colorimetric assay to evaluate thiol-reactive biopolymers based on indirect Ellman’s assay.

arrowsmTNBS assay for acylating groups: Standard colorimetric assay to evaluate the activation of acylating groups (NHS etc.).

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