Protein-Drug Conjugate (PDC) Kits

PDC Personalized Conjugation Kits (PerKits™)

CellMosaic is now providing PerKits™ to help our life science clients quickly evaluate proteins with direct conjugation of a range of key payloads (chemotherapeutic drugs and toxins) and traditional linker chemistry. Kits are available in many configurations with a variety of conjugation strategies. CellMosaic protein-drug conjugate (PDC) PerKits™ are available to prepare conjugates through surface amines. Some PDC kits apply to a general payload with certain functional groups, such as carboxylic acid and amine. Some PDC kits supply the selected, standard linkage molecules conjugated to a selected payload, ready with the appropriate reactive modifications to directly attach the payload and linker to your specific antibody of interest. The kits are complete with all reagents and procedures for attaching the selected payload directly to your antibody and purifying the final PDC. All you need to supply is your antibody and standard lab equipment.

Typical CellMosaic personalized PDC kits results in the preparation of approximately 50 nmole of final PDC in buffer with drug-to-protein ratios (DARs) of 2 to 5, averaging DARs of 3-4. Purities are typically over 90% for the conjugates with free or less than 5% of the free payload. Individual results can vary depending on the specific protein system you are using and the hydrophobicity of your payload. Kits instructions are complete and easy to follow, and can typically be carried out within 4 hours (with less than 1-hour hands-on time).

AqT™ PDC Evaluation Kits

In the event that an drug conjugate cannot be made using classical linkers or the effectiveness of the drug conjugates are compromised by the number of toxins loaded onto the antibody using CellMosaic PerKits™ PDC, CellMosaic has developed super-hydrophilic and water soluble AqT™ linker for this purpose. Limited quantities of  AqT™PDC Evaluation Kits are currently available for customer to perform conjugations in-house and evaluate the benefit of AqT™ linkers for PDC on a small scale. Click here for more information.


Perkit™ PDC Selection Guide

 Scale of Reaction (Standard Kit)
 Labeling Chemistry
 CM52408 Any protein  Acid 15-50 nmol Surface amine Stable 
 CM11414 (x3) Any protein  DM1 6.67-20 nmol Surface amine Stable 
 CM11413 (x3) Any protein  MMAE 6.67-20 nmol Surface amine Releasable 
 CM11432 (x3) Any protein  Deruxtecan 6.67-20 nmol Surface amine Releasable 

(Note: additional kits configurations can be added depending on the request from customers. Please inquire if you do not see your current configuration of interest listed or request a custom bioconjugation service)