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ADC Development & Manufacturing

CellMosaic offers a complete antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) discovery and development program for pharmaceutical and biotech companies based on classical linkers and our advanced conjugation processes. Each antibody is unique, as the particular linker and chemistry that works for one ADC may not apply to others. CellMosaic has the in-house capability and expertise to devise and execute appropriate strategies to fit your ADC development plan.

The services we provide include:

  • Custom design and development of linker and conjugation strategies to fit customers’ needs (customer owns the rights for the compound).
  • Proof-of-concept Studies: CellMosaic has in-house ADC processes (through surface amine or reduced thiol) to quickly synthesize ADCs for initial proof-of-concept studies.
  • ADC Discovery:
    • Screening small drug molecules to optimize ADC performance
    • Evaluation of the antibody labeling sites (surface amines vs. reduced thiol)
    • Evaluation of the linkage chemistry (stable vs. cleavable)
    • Evaluation of the linker lengths
  • ADC Development:
    • Stability studies
    • Development of purification method for ADCs
    • Development of bio-analytical methods (HIC, SEC, cation or anion exchange, MS)
    • pK studies of ADCs in blood and tissue extracts
    • Formulation studies
  • Process Development
  • Process Transfer

Depending on the needs of a customer’s project, the typical turn-around time for synthesizing an ADC for initial proof-of-concept is 4-6 weeks. Please contact us to discuss your project.

In the event an ADC cannot be made using classical linkers or the effectiveness of the ADCs are compromised by the number of toxins loaded onto the antibody, AqueaTether ™ Therapeutics, a separate division of CellMosaic, has developed novel super-hydrophilic and high-loading AqueaTether ™ linkers specifically to solve these problems. To explore this opportunity and learn more about AqueaTether ™ platform technologies, please visit our website at

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