LSU Publishes Peer-Reviewed Paper Using CellMosaic's AP-Oligo Conjugation Kit (CM53403)

LSU Publishes Peer-Reviewed Paper Using CellMosaic's AP-Oligo Conjugation Kit (CM53403)

Posted by Kathryn Rodriguez on 3rd Apr 2023

We recently received exciting news from one of our customers, Crystal N. Johnson at Louisiana State University (LSU). She and her two undergraduate research students, Andrew Schwartz (LSU, Kinesiology, 2023) and Haley Marcotte (LSU, Biological Sciences, 2023), had just published a peer-reviewed paper in Foods (ISSN 2304-8158) for a special series on Seafood Safety, Quality and Processing.

Their paper entitled Evaluation of Alternative Colony Hybridization Methods for Pathogenic Vibrios addresses the development of a detection method for vibrios bacteria that does not rely on proprietary resources. In doing so, they tested multiple alkaline phosphatase (AP) conjugated probes including one conjugated in-house using our AP-Oligo conjugation kit ( CM53403). Of the alternative AP-conjugated tdh (thermostable direct hemolysin) probes, the probe conjugated at LSU using our kit was found to be the most effective.

According to Dr. Johnson, "The overwhelming success, sensitivity, precision, accuracy, ease, control, hands-on assistance and troubleshooting between the LSU researchers and the CellMosaic researchers, ready availability, short lead time, and cost-effectiveness of the AP-conjugated oligonucleotides made available to us were the key to our success on a major NASA-funded research project. We would not have been as productive without CellMosaic's products. CellMosaic saved the day!"

To learn more about the research they conducted, read their full paper or watch a short video discussing their discoveries.

We love to hear from our customers and cannot wait to see what Crystal N. Johnson, Andrew Schwartz, and Haley Marcotte will do in the future!


About Crystal Johnson’s Lab at Louisiana State University

Crytal Johnson is currently focusing her research on vibrios bacteria. She aims to determine what environmental factors and the combination thereof contribute to variations seen in vibrio levels. In doing so she is closely examining the effect of environmental cues on Vibrio spp. (V. parahaemolyticus, V. vulnificus, and V. cholerae). Crystal is also working to examine genetic relationship between pathogenic vibrios, human illness causing vibrios, and potential pathogens found in water, oysters, and sediment via phylogenetic typing. Crystal has recently also become interested in studying the Type III secretion System (TTSS), a newly described pathogenicity factor in vibrios bacteria. Alongside her scientific endeavors, Crystal also provides scientific outreach in her community. 


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